The NuFlow™ Fluorescent Microsphere System
E-Z TRAC® Colored Ultraspheres For Measuring Regional Blood Flow

  • [2008] IMT partneres with two distributors in Japan: Cosmo Bio and Primetech.
  • [2004] IMT develops the Nu-Flow™ Fluorescent Microsphere System.
  • [2002] IMT relocated to Irvine California. Contracted by NIH and the U.S. Army.
  • [2000] IMT becomes a division of Stason Pharmaceuticals.
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Welcome to IMT Laboratories IMT has been a leader in non-radioactive microsphere technology since 1986 when IMT developed and patented our colored microspheres, E-Z Trac Ultraspheres, for use for regional blood flow studies. In addition, IMT also discovered that the microspheres could also track just about any moving liquid or suspension and patented the technique in 1989. Because IMT has a long standing history with microspheres and their applications, we have become the "experts" in microsphere flow technology.
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